I’m an Asst. Prof. in the Department of Computer Engineering at Bilkent University. In my research, I focus on algorithms that can enrich the skill set of autonomous agents. This entails endowing intelligent systems with effective learning, reasoning, and planning capabilities. Robotics, and a range of other domains that require autonomous decision-making, provide a perfect test-bed for the investigation and application of such methods.

Prior to joining Bilkent U., I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Learning and Intelligence Systems Lab working with Marc Toussaint. I was affiliated with Uni Stuttgart & Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, and working within the Cluster of Excellence: IntCDC. I received my PhD degree from TU Munich, where I focused on HRI in close-proximity scenarios. I studied computer science at UBC and Koç Uni, and started my research journey working on haptic interfaces.

available positions

  • Post-doc position is available
  • Motivated graduate / undergraduate students wanted. Contact me if you are interested in deep learning, (deep) perception, robotics, in general any topics in artificial intelligence. !!!


Sep 15, 2022 22-Fall: CS 449 / 549: Learning for Robotics course
Feb 1, 2022 22-Spring: CS 461: Artificial Intelligence course
Oct 1, 2021 Our Safe Reinforcement Learning work got accepted for publication in IEEE TNNLS - [pdf].
Apr 1, 2021 Three papers will be presented at IEEE ICRA 2021.
Mar 23, 2021 I gave a talk at Koc University.

recent work

  1. RHH-LGP: Receding Horizon And Heuristics-Based Logic-Geometric Programming For Task And Motion Planning
    Braun, Cornelius V., Ortiz-Haro, Joaquim, Toussaint, Marc, and Oguz, Ozgur S.
    IEEE IROS 2022

    [arXiv] [Bib]
  2. Long-Horizon Multi-Robot Rearrangement Planning for Construction Assembly
    Hartmann, Valentin Noah, Orthey, Andreas, Driess, Danny, Oguz, Ozgur S., and Toussaint, Marc
    IEEE TRO - Transactions on Robotics 2022

    [arXiv] [Bib]
  3. Learning to Execute: Efficient Learning of Universal Plan-Conditioned Policies in Robotics
    Schubert, Ingmar, Driess, Danny, , Oguz, Ozgur S., and Toussaint, Marc
    NeurIPS - Conf. on Neural Information Processing Systems 2021

    [arXiv] [Bib] [Code]